Cécile Dupaquier

Résidence : Berlin (DE)

Cécile Dupaquier 
Née en France en 1970, vit et travaille à Berlin.


Cécile Dupaquier knows all kinds of hiding places. In her work she explores the latent unrest of seemingly fixed solid bodies and questions the obstinacy of a room. Her sculptures, installations and constructions mostly make up an ensemble that flees the ostensible in a light, permeable and fragile manner, discreetly moving on the border between appearance and disappearance....

Zweieinander (2)

Pièce unique
Détail de l'Œuvre
  • Année 2013
  • Technique Contreplaqué (peuplier) 6mm
  • Dimensions 37x60x45cm
2 500,00 €

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