Valérie Collart

Résidence : Copenhague (DK)

Née en 1981 à Bordeaux (France).
Vit et travaille à Copenhagen (Denmark)

The French naturalized Danish artist literally explodes on the North European scene. Her last shows took place at the Tranen Contemporary Art Center, Helltrup and Charlottenborg gallery in Copenhagen. She will participate in January to “Spooky Action at a Distance” (Curated by Nanna Stjernholm Jepsen) at “ Bus Projects” in Melbourne. Sheis also part of the JCE Biennial this year.

The work of Valérie Collart aims to fade the borders between photography and sculpture. The booth proposal will offer to the viewer a loss of barrier within image-based and object-based artworks. Valérie Collart realizes her own sculptures then works in her studio to turn them into pictures. The photographies show the cleanest, polish and contemplative side of the object as the object itself offer a counter point with its roughness weight and materials.


Valérie Collart

Editon de 10Ex
Détail de l'Œuvre
  • Année 2015
  • Encadré Oui
  • Technique Photogravure sur papier Somerset 300 g
  • Dimensions 54x76
  • Mots clés Architecture, Minéral
800,00 €

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