| 6 degrees from Laurence Vauthier | Solo Show UN-SPACED |

| 6 degrees from Laurence Vauthier | Solo Show UN-SPACED |
10 July 2018 mIk016@hUgo75
For his last exhibition in the walls of 11 rue Michel le Comte, the UN-SPACED team is pleased to invite you to the opening of:
6 degrees from Laurence Vauthier

Exhibition  May 26th  –  June 10th  2018
11 rue Michel le Comte, 75003 Paris.

Go Laurence !

In Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk’s novel adapted to film in 1999 by David Fincher, a secret society meets in basements or parking lots to fight with their bare fists. The main caracter sates « You aren’t alive anywhere like you’re alive at Fight Club. »
But also « After a night at Fight Club everything in the world gets the volume turned down. » Actually the fight club could appear to us as a metaphor : eager to escape from the indifferent apathy of the ordinary world, the artist descends into himself, or into his workshop, not to isolate himself but to intensify his relation to the world, to magnify the « perpetual battles » occupying his conscience and going through society, in order to experience, even if only in his mind, harsh reality.

With Laurence Vauthier, the world of art takes on the semblance of a sports team where anonymous and collective messages prompt her to succeed. In her private sphere she had printed onto bath towels two impelling messages « Give it your all » and « Never give up ». Elsewhere it’s a « Go Laurence » sports banner that she put up on one of the walls in her art school, the Villa Arson in Nice, to push herself to do well. In a short video clip it’s a sports coach – or father figure – spurring her on : « Go ! Laurence, Go ! ». Words of encouragement, as if emanating from a fan club, but also watchwords adressed to herself : in fact Laurence Vauthier transposes to the art world the result-oriented common language imposed on us by a society pressing us to perform. In their essay on the Spirit of Neo Capitalism, sociologists Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello demonstrate in particular how artistic criticismof society, far from jeopardizing the system, has been on the contrary widely digested and recycled by corporate management. Only just emerging but already so relevant in its form and targets, Laurence Vauthier’s artistic production proceeds in reverse by reintegrating and recycling into the field of arts the Neo Capitalistic injuctions exhorting employees, and even more widely any contemporary individual, to be successful. More recently, and using typical conceptual art protocols, this young artist interviewed several art world professionals to inquire on how to become a star-artist. Revealing the devices surrounding us and conditioning our existences, but also very lucid about the current arts system, Laurence Vauthier brings together with chilling irony the art of performance and the social injunction to perform our lives.

Jean-Max Colard

Art critic and curator
Head of the Speech Department (Service de la parole) at the Centre Pompidou

| Pool cloth | Sculpture by Laurence Vauthier | Un-spaced |

11 rue Michel Lecomte
75003 Paris

Tuesday – Saturday : 12:00 – 19:00

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