What Olivier is searching for by the practice of painting is his absence. He only wants to be responsible for the evidence shown by the painting, leaving to itself its power of poetry, narration or emotion.


The simplest tools of painting.

For the realization of his work, he uses simple processes which rule the laying of the medium on the canvas. Those processes, thought before the realization, keep me from reacting in relation to what he sees evolving in front of me and prevent any personal expression born at that moment. In return, those processes always use the movement which is here thought as "practical" or "useful", with no will of aestheticism; in the way a mason renders a wall with cement.

"Non-aesthetic" processes driven by the gesture 

By using this approach to painting, Olivier gets closer to the spectator in the sense that he has no predefined desire about the final result, he can only witness it. This is an approach of opening, welcoming, and acceptance. While the artist is looking for his own absence, he invites the work to realize itself, to go beyond me.



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