Art Verona: Group show : Cécile Dupaquier, Laurent da Sylva, Tulio Pinto and Sebastien Reuzé


On the occasion of Art Verona 2021, the UN-SPACED gallery is pleased to present a group show by CÉCILE DUPAQUIER (1970), SEBASTIEN REUZÉ (1970), TULIO PINTO (1974) and LAURENT DA SYLVA (1979). This exhibition will bring together the recent works by four contemporary artists with their own, unique approach towards the medium of sculpture and photography. Cécile Dupaquier explores the relationship between the gallery’s white wall and what hangs on it, a wall sculpture. The point is rather simplicity and humility, terms that hardly exist anymore in our world of the roaring spectacle and that are needed precisely for that reason. Sébastien Reuzé defines an imaginary geographical framework through his colour- saturated photographs of landscapes and sunsets. His work, as well as his unique technique is a reflection on the process of time. Tulio Pinto explores the dialogue between simple, industrial materials by creating a precisely calculated balance between them. The notion of the invisible force of gravity is at the core of his practice. Laurent Da Sylva translates meteorological data into landscape paintings, made out of aluminium, which have their own minimalistic take on sculpture and light. By creating a dialogue between these four individual artists, the UN-SPACED gallery offers a contemporary view towards sculptural and photographic practices and encourages the viewer to discover new ways of looking at these mediums.

Installation Views