| Art Rotterdam | Solo show by Thomas Hauser |

| Art Rotterdam | Solo show by Thomas Hauser |
29 January 2019 mIk016@hUgo75


New Art Section – Booth N10 

Van Nellefabriek
Van Nelleweg 1
3044BC Rotterdam

Présentation of  recent works by Thomas Hauser

Note about Thomas Hauser

Kim Knoppers, Curator Foam, Photography Museum Amsterdam

The work of French photographer Thomas Hauser appears to be a study of memories and the ways in which they are preserved, archived, reproduced and reconstructed. Portraits of people from the family archive are combined with photographs of fragments of classical sculptures, tombs, rocks, clouds and abstract forms. Hauser manipulates his photographs Repeatedly by photocopying them, cropping them and printing them again with all kinds of imperfections and traces of use. Their original significance becomes less important and is blurred by many interventions. It is as if the actual images almost dissolves. One of his techniques is to make silk screen prints with glue rather than ink. Once the paper is coated with glue, the black matte toner for a laser printer or a copier device is spread over the paper by Hauser. The image appears where the glue and toner connects.

Characteristic is Hauser’s urge to experiment not only with glue and ink, but also with a variety of materials. Elements like marble, stone, copper and glass acts as remains of ruins, other architectural structures and sculptures suggest to be fragments from the past. The synthesis of reworked photographs, different materials and fragments of objects results in new, intriguing pieces that hover between documentation and fiction. Hauser’s body of work can be regarded as the result of contemporary archaeological fieldwork in which different layers of time, details and material artifacts, and fact and fiction flow into each other.

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