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Lilah Fowler

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Lilah Fowler

United Kingdom, 1981. Lives and work in London (UK).

Lilah Fowler’s work examines the common, mutable languages that inform how we interpret our surroundings. Sculptures, images and other elements draw on sources that include the planning of natural and urban environments and their architectural design values, combining into responsive and intricate installations. Recent works have involved collaborations with biochemists, quantum physicists, computer programmers, mathematicians and weavers. For her most recent body of work she has spent several research periods in the South West of the USA, the Lake District and Dungeness, UK, including residencies at Montello Foundation, Nevada, USA (2016) and Joshua Tree Desert Highlands, California, USA (2013). Recent exhibitions include ‘Code Clay, Data Dirt’ at Firstsite, Colchester; ‘nth nature’ at Galerie Gisela Clement, Bonn and Assembly Point, London; ‘Bauhaus’ at Frauenmuseum Bonn; ‘Sie Machen Was Sie Wollen’ at Varna City Gallery, Bulgaria, curated by Mélange, Cologne; and ‘PURE LIGHT’ at Vasarely Museum, Budapest, curated by Dora Mauer.



2008 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art
2005 BA (Hons) Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art
2001 Foundation Diploma, Camberwell College of Art


‘Code and Clay, Data and Dirt’, First Site, Colchester, UK

‘nth nature’, Galerie Gisela Clement, Bonn, Germany
‘nth nature’, Assembly Point, London, UK

How the mind comes to be furnished, Space in Between, London, UK

Which pixel am I standing on? Maria Stenfors, London, UK

‘Bits and Pieces put together to present a semblance of a whole’, Academy of Visual Arts,
HKBU, Hong Kong, China

‘Passage and Pair’, Maria Stenfors, London, UK
‘Circles Props and edges’, Siobhan Davies Dance, London, UK

‘Band’, Space in Between, London, UK

Lilah Fowler’, Brown, London, UK
‘in time’, Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, UK


‘PARADE, A Celebration of Contemporary Art Textiles’, Broadway, Letchworth Garden City, UK.

Sie Machen Was Sie Wollen’, Varna City Gallery, Bulgaria: two person show: ‘The House of
Nature’ with Eva L’Hoest, curated by Melange, Cologne, Germany
‘Bauhaus’ Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany
‘Subversive Stitch’, TJ Boulting, London, UK
‘Ocular Inc’, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London, UK
‘Jahresgaben’, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn, Germany
‘Every Thing’, Assembly Point, London, UK

‘New Relics’, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London, UK

Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery’, Vitrine, Basel, Switzerland

PURE LIGHT, Museum Vasarely of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary, curated by Dora
Mauer, for the Open Structures Art Society (OSAS)

‘INTRO’, Galerie Gisela Clement, Bonn, Germany

‘Painting and Beyond’, kunstgaleriebonn, Bonn, Germany
‘Plastik’. Clement&Schneider, Cologne, Germany

‘Blind Date’, kunstgaleriebonn, Bonn, Germany
‘Un-Specific Objects’, The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK
‘Un-Specific Objects’, Malgras Naudet, Manchester, UK
‘JTHAR 2013’, Joshua Tree Art Gallery, California, USA
‘Collective.1.’, Grey Area, Pier 57, New York, USA

2012 ‘
Endogenous’, Maria Stenfors, London, UK (2012)
‘Cosmophobia’, L'Altelier Kunst Spiel Raum, Berlin, Germany
‘BB#8’, SPACE, London, UK. Curated by Gareth Bell-Jones

‘A Piece of Paper’, Madder 139, London, UK
‘End of Line’, Waterside Contemporary, London, UK
‘Point. Line. Plane.’ Hannah Barry Gallery, London, UK
‘Bold Tendencies 5’, Bold Tendencies, London, UK
‘Art Futures’, HKCEC, Hong Kong, China

‘Peeping Tom’, Kunsthal KaDe, Amersfoort, Netherlands. Curated by Keith Coventry
‘Modal’, Two-person show. Cartel Gallery, London, UK
‘Concrete Geometries’, Architectural Association, London, UK
‘Architectural Disorder’, OVADA (Oxford Visual Arts Development Agency). Curated by Launch
Collaborative. Oxford, UK

‘MAXIMAL MINIMAL’, Primo Piano Project (PPP), a project of Spazio21, Lugano, Switzerland

‘Heart of Glass’ Concrete & Glass Festival, London, UK

‘Aesthetics of Space, Part II’, Ubu, Glasgow, UK
‘Shaping the Future 2007’, Hockney Gallery, London UK

‘Invites’, George Polke, London, UK
‘Art Futures Scotland 06’, Glasgow, UK
2006 ‘A5’, Peacock Visual Arts. Aberdeen, UK

2019-2020 (Title Forthcoming) , Whipps Cross Hospital, London, UK (Forthcoming). Culmination of research undertaken on the London Borough of Culture Residency 2019, for a work for on
main hospital corridor. Art Consultants: Vital Arts. Commissioners: Waltham Forest Borough.
2017 ‘Commonplace’, Tottenham Court and Bedford Avenue, London, UK
Artwork spanning total building facades of One Bedford Avenue. (LED light and Glass fritting).
Commissioners: The Bedford Estates, Exemplar Properties and Ashby Capital. Art Consultants: Modus
Operandi. Project Architects: Bennetts Associates.
2017 ‘14537/9431’, Central Bristol, UK
Artwork covering 11m x 6m x 2m exterior stairwell façade in a pedestrian walkway.
Commissioner: Watkin Jones. Art Consultant and Project Development: Ginkgo Projects. Architect: AWW.
2016 ‘The Former Magistrates Court’ and ‘Froomsgate’, Central Bristol, UK
Artwork spanning pedestrian streetscape area of all building fronts. (Concrete, pigment, aggregate, glass).
Commissioner: Watkin Jones. Art Consultant and Project Development: Ginkgo Projects. Architect: AWW.

2020 ‘Konrad Wachsmann’, (Forthcoming) Published by Birkhäuser Basel, Switzerland. The Institute of
Architecture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Eds. Klaus Bollinger, Florian Medicus.
2019 ‘Bauhaus’, Catalogue published by Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany.
2018 ‘nth nature’. Monograph publication, published by Assembly Point. Essays by Oliver Basciano and
Patrick C Haas. English and German.
2018 ‘Commonplace’. Essay by Orit Gat. A Bedford Estates commission publication.
2014 ‘The Shape of Things’. Essay by Jonathan Griffin. Exhibition catalogue and residency publication
2009 ‘in time’. Published by Corn Exchange Gallery. Exhibition catalogue.
2016 ‘Pure Light’. Published by Open Structures Art Society. Exhibition catalogue ed. Dora Mauer,
Vasarely Museum, Budapest.
2010 ‘100 New Artists’. Published by Laurence King. Survey publication. Ed. Francesca Gavin.


Lilah Fowler in conversation with Sally Shawn about her exhibition : Code Clay, Data Dirt


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