| A Performance Affair | solo performances show by Laurence Vauthier |

| A Performance Affair | solo performances show by Laurence Vauthier |
28 September 2018 mIk016@hUgo75

A Performance Affair

Exhibition  september 7th to 9th  2018
Rue de l’écuyer, 1000 Brussels.

A solo presentation of performances by Laurence Vauthier

Contreperformance/Under performance

If we stick to Peggy Phelan’s ‘strict’ definition of performance, Laurence Vauthier is a performer. She executes actions in public – therfore – performances. Laurence is training. She constantly repeats simple, unique gestures in order to refine them, to understand their essence in order to execute them as perfectly as possible. She creates a sculpture in a single stroke of a pool cue, holds bubble levels, at arm’s length, in balance, surrounds herself with the best advisers and listens to their advice in order to always do better, to progress and raise the bar even higher. The artist imagines performance as an act of creation. She uses objects or set ups that her actions transform. Folding and stacking carpets, spreading billiard balls within a space in a single gesture, using her athlete’s spikes on the ground like a 100-meter runner before the start of a race, the performances of the artist become sculptures, paintings and installations simply fixed and defined by the performative act. Laurence Vauthier performs the object and this gesture defines the final form of the sculpture. The created work is a result of the act testifying of the past action. She also perceives performance as an act of exchange. In the work Consulting, Laurence Vauthier places the public at the heart of her performances. The artist interviews art lovers and professionals, asking them for advice to progress and become a superstar of contemporary art. In line with Sophie Calle, who with Les Dormeurs (1979), invited strangers to share her bed and her intimacy, Laurence invites people to share her office and her future success by involving them. She considers it important that an exchange takes place between the counselor and the artist. Laurence keeps the written records of her interviews and the counselor receives a certificate attesting to this moment of sharing, in the manner of Tino Seghal, who offers to his audience and their memory the documentation of his works. It is a trace that mentions the performative act between two people: the artist and the participant.
It is in the level of performance of her actions, the context or according to the public that Laurence defines the value of her actions. On the occasion of A Performance Affair, Laurence Vauthier will execute a series of new pieces: Added Value. It will be a question of maintaining the balance of spirit levels as long as possible at arm’s length. Through this series, Laurence proposes in a radical way to establish the value of a piece according to the time during which the level will be maintained in perfect balance. The price of this work is defined by the performance or the underperformance of the artist according to a simple ratio: Performance Time / Price. The more the gesture is mastered, the more the piece will be exceptional and therefore expensive. Laurence Vauthier also proposes to question the value of her work arbitrarily. Indeed, if a level is maintained 132 seconds, what is the value? € 132, € 1,320 or € 13,200? On the occasion of these works, the artist questions, with distance and a certain sense of humor, the definition of the value of a piece by bringing a form of tangibility to it. Actors, gallerists, artists and collectors estimate a price for a work, Laurence Vauthier questions the objectivity of this judgment.


All the performances by Laurence Vauthier will remain as sculptures and will be available for acquisition. Every sulpture will be delivered in their own crate with a invoice, a certificate by the artist, one from the gallery and the protocol to execute/install it.

| Added Value | Sculpture by the artist Laurence Vauthier | Un-spaced |

APA – A Performance Affair
Rue de l’écuyer
1000 Brussels

Website : aperformanceaffair.com
Youtube channel : Click here

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