The line emphasizes, crosses out, marks and connects; it is arguably the shortest connection between two points. Current research proposes (1) that the oldest “trace of art“ by humankind can be found in the caves of Maros in the South of the Indonesian island Sulawesi. The handprints that were discovered by archeologists are nothing less than the most inner desire to leave a trace that will be visible long after you are gone, the epical “I WAS HERE“. Repetitive rhythmical structures in electronic music correlate with the natural cycles of everyday life. The selected artistic method serves as a vehicle to translate or rather, to transform everyday life.
His minimalist painting and drawing regularly leave the walls of his studio and are to find for example on the record covers of labels Delsin or Metalheadz at the most popular record stores worldwide. The explicit proximity to the Minimalism of the 1960s in the USA or even the Concrete Art of 1930s Europe is immediately visible. Huigens reduced works can be understood as “visual sampling“. He adapts and appropriates the existing material. In that way, a shadow on the canvas becomes a subject and a blueprint for other paintings. The recurring line as a subject is also a sample. It is used like a tag in graffiti and possibly poses a direct connection to the artist’s roots in subculture.


Roman Zheleznyak



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Installation shots