Thomas Hauser

Wander through a space punctuated by memorial units

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Thomas Hauser


Thomas Hauser

Wander through a space punctuated by memorial units

Born in 1984
Live and works in Paris.

Thomas Hauser’s sculptural photographs invite us to wander through a space punctuated by memorial units. His photographs unfold like the pages of a sculpture/book laid out on the door. They form a geological portrait of memory scattered in an archipelago of mirrors, blocks of concrete, and rocks. Every room is submitted to a process of degradation and becomes meaningful dust that reveals the drifts and shortcomings of memory. These image-objects explain the scarcity and absence that are inherent to archive tracing.

Victor Mazière

The Wake of Dust is a project of an unprecedented exhibition gathering photography, installation and sculpture, exemplifying the work of Thomas Hauser led from the resurgences of a reinvented memory, permanently reconstructed, according to an archaeological device, falling at once a dynamic of burial and revelation. The title is particularly evocative: it will be well here to attend a “awakening of the dust” in the wake of his active memory, beyond the disappearance. The artist will offer a series of several large-format photographs, physically involving the visitor, facing faces and hidden bodies, protecting themselves from a sun that may be too dazzling, not to say impressive, in the photographic sense of the term . These temporal, muted and matt stratifications, obtained by degradation of the halftone image, are part of a process of deterioration that is not without evoking the benjaminian aura, both near and far, or the melancholic poetics of WG Sebald. . The great photographic portraits – in black and white, spectral – will frame a sculptural installation on the ground, a sort of ruin field, on which still fragmentary presences are whispered, blocks of time covered with a soft and volatile material, black as velvet , which is nothing other than toner powder, used in printers and copiers, so as to draw a blackened groove on the immaculate white page. The process of printing the image is here at once omnipresent in its technicality, and made indistinguishable in its misuse.
Lea Bismuth



Face à l’Aura – Centre d’art image/imatge, Orthez
Exposition collective du 8 juin au 16 septembre 2017
Commissariat de Léa Bismuth et Deriva (Valeria et Edouard Escougnou-Cetraro)

Fragments – La Frontiera, Paris
Exposition collective du 30 mai au 12 juillet 2017
11, rue Jules Chaplain 75006 Paris

Micro Salon #7 – Galerie l’inlassable, Paris
Exposition collective
13 rue de nevers 75006 Paris

Solo Show – Un-Spaced, Paris
4-5 mars 2017 12h00 – 21h00
6 rue Euryale Dehaynin 75019 Paris

Un-Spaced Open Studio – Paris
Exposition collective avec Yoan Béliard, Guillaume Constantin, Evol, Fabien Granet, Rémi Groussin, Thomas Hauser, Johan Rivat, Nicolas Silberfaden, Eric Stephany, Eric Tabuchi, Juliette Vivier et Sebastian Wickeroth

Eden – Aperture Gallery, New York
Invited artist in Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques solo show
16th November 2016 – 19th January 2017
4th Floor, 547 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001

On a enlevé les fleurs, il reste l’eau — Double séjour, Paris
Exposition collective avec Cyril Zarcone & Damien Caccia, Vanessa Dziuba, Louis Granet, Lola Hakimian, Thomas Hauser, Elsa Lefebvre, Quentin Lefranc, Juliette Mogenet, Ludovic Sauvage, Emmanuel Simon, Yannis Pérez et Céline Vaché-Olivieri
Commissariat Thomas Havet
21 – 30 octobre

Matin, midi et soir
 – Honoré Visconti, Paris
Exposition collective, commissariat de Laure Flammarion
17-19 rue Visconti 75006 Paris

Exposition collective avec Fred Cave, Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques et Ugo Schiavi
G8 – Cité Internationale des arts de Paris, France

Dogwood, Group show, The Little Red Schoolhouse residency project, Eden, NC (USA)
After Party, Curated by Océane Ragoucy and Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques, Cité internationale des arts de Paris, France

The Smell of Dust, Group show, Curated by Sue-Elie Andrade-Dé, Kunsthalle Gallery, São Paulo, Brésil

Le grand roque, in collaboration with Gilles Pourtier
Curated by Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques
Galerie Arena, École nationale supérieure de la photographie, Arles

Studio Vortex 2 (Printemps de l’art contemporain)
Group show, Galerie Montgrand, Marseille

Diplômés des écoles de photographie européennes
Group show, Atelier De visu, Marseille

Workshop écoles internationales / Antoine d’Agata
Publication et projection collective, Atelier De visu, Marseille