Chien Fou solo show by Yann Stofer, paris 2018


For his first solo exhibition, Yann Stofer, a French photographer whose photography
has made its mark on magazines like Vanity Fair, Mr. Le Monde, Vice and many others,
offers a selection of his various personal works.
A set of about thirty works from various horizons will be presented in the gallery space. The exhibition will run from 13 to 28 April 2018.

The book Poursuite auto published in 2017 by Yann Stofer and Julien Magre,
will be the material for a video installation created and presented for the first time on this occasion. A signing session of the book Poursuite by its two authors, Yann Stofer & Julien Magre, will take place on Saturday, April 21st at the gallery from 2pm.

"He arrives unexpectedly with his dog, his Volvo station wagon and his camera:

Yann Stofer always seems to land on a planet that is not his own.

An unusual, sometimes painful position, which allows him to approach the world the wrong way.

The gap and the sense of the absurd thus work to the full in his images:
Latex gloves lost over a plate of French fries, swordfish folded over a scooter...

with unknown registration, impossible patterns of a shirt responding to a fir forest.

He hits the nail on the head every time, pinning the flawed detail - the dissonant element - with an eternally new eye."

Excerpt from the biography of Yann Stofer By Alexandre Kauffmann

Installation Views