Tilt solo show by Remi Groussin Paris 2018



This word with multiple uses is an anglicism borrowed from the world of bar games.
The Tilt comes into play when a pinball machine is mishandled too much during a frantic game. It goes into standby mode and interrupts all possibilities of continuing the game. On the pediment, the word lights up, it sparkles, rings and resounds. Tilt becomes a sound. It slams.
It is from there that Rémi Groussin plans his first solo exhibition at the UN-SPACED gallery. The pinball machine as a space becomes a starting point to destabilize the trivial role of these machines. The two main functional pinball machines pre-featured in the exhibition have been transformed. One is a clear mirror and the other a black mirror. A duality, a confrontation, one would be the other way round. Unless it is its counterpart? The different materialities of these objects reflect the space of the gallery and distort its perception. The work is contextual and makes sense in the place. Other elements that are waste products from the manufacture of the pinball machines themselves or ersatz storage devices are also reflected in the mirrors. Sometimes furniture-like as-semblages describe a storage space that is in the process of being completed. All of the works on display have a relationship to light and reflectivity in common. Rémi Groussin approaches the mirror in all its complexity by using frosted chromes, glossy adhesives and other reflective surfaces that question our sensitive relationship to the gaze as a median reality. Following the example of Emmanuelle Coccia's philosophical thought found in her book: "La vie sensible", TILT points to a certain form of visual complexity opening the way to possible parallel worlds.
"The mode of being of images is at the heart of this reflection. They have neither thickness nor weight and yet they are not reduced
...to nothing. Their power is to multiply forms indefinitely, to make them exist elsewhere: when I look at myself in a mirror,
I'm both here and here. The sensible is multiplication, an infinite bath where we constantly produce new forms."

THE SENSITIVE LIFE of Emanuele Coccia. Translated from the Italian by Martin Rueff. Payot et Rivages, "Bibliothèque Rivages", 160 p.,
The exhibition TILT presents some of the works produced during Rémi Groussin's creative residency carried by Zé- bra3 at the events company Les Ortigues, as part of the "Résidences d'artistes en entreprises" program of the Ministry of Culture - Drac Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

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Installation Views

Exhibition views of TILT, solo show by the french contemporary artist Rémi Groussin.