Paris Photo 2019 curiosa presentation personnelle Photographies sculptures Thomas Hauser

On the occasion of Paris Photo 2019,
UN-SPACED Gallery is pleased to present:







An unpublished monographic project by French artist Thomas Hauser, who has previously exhibited in Arles, C / O, FOAM, Mai Mano and has been selected for FOAM Talent 2019.


‘Modules (image). 2019 ‘ is a series composed of 60 x 80cm prints made in silk screen (two-tone black ink + pewter) on photosensitive silver paper, exploring close-up views or details Hauser’s sculptures.



The print series, which become autonomous images drawing the outline of a hypothetical index of his practice. Fragments of sculptures are composing an «image» where the re-configuration of the old and the new crystallizes a fleeting image of time.


In parallel, an edition will be produced for the occasion.Visual essay echoing the series of Modules (image), the edition will be an artist’s object taking up the ideas of echo, «loop» and alteration inherent in the artistic practice of Thomas Hauser.

Installation Views