Bad + Bordeaux: Hangar 14, 115 Quai des Chartrons, 33000 Bordeaux FRANCE


On the occasion of Bordeaux Art Fair 2022, the UN-SPACED gallery is pleased to present a duo exhibition, showcasing a selection of recent works by Brazilian artist, Tulio Pinto (1974), and German artist, Tore Rinkveld aka EVOL (1972) - a distinct duo of emerging artists whose selected pieces create a dynamic dialogue between the sceneries of city and nature. They bring together different artistic approaches inspired by urban and rural environments, encouraging us to redefine our perception of the surrounding space. The works of Tulio Pinto and EVOL explore the architecture of our cities, each in its own unique way, Pinto through the medium of sculpture and EVOL through the medium of painting. 


Tulio Pinto is interested in all contingent, changeable, temporary materials - an approach that could seem to contradict the parameters of accepted norms in sculpting, if it was not for the long tradition that came from Russian Constructivism. He does not customarily use traditional tools in his pieces, nor does he sculpt or shape anything. Instead, Pinto obtains the pieces in their natural condition and establishes an unstable interaction with different factors, such as weight, density and dimension. He transforms differences into a sculpting result that is novel, innovative and unexpected. Continuing the legacy of Brazilian artistic modernism and architectural rationalism, Pinto's practice is based on notions of physics and the laws of nature with a view to subverting artistic norms. The constant target that the artist reinforces, is the materialisation of the invisible force of gravity - something we feel, but do not see, despite the fact that it overpowers all and everyone in the world.


Evol's artworks, created on found cardboard boxes, celebrate the architecture of an earlier time - the simple Berlin townhouses built around 1910. These ordinary buildings are typical of the neighbourhood the artist has lived in for years - relics of a bygone era that have not yet succumbed to the gentrification sweeping the area. The cardboard provides a rich patina on which to stencil, with existing marks and structures reflecting the passage of time on the walls. The printed graphics, tape and other minute details found on the cardboard also echo the distressed nature and visual pollution of real urban landscapes. In both his studio-based works and his temporary street installations, Evol reduces the environment that surrounds us to bite-sized pieces. Through this reversal of scale, he somehow renders the work harmless: while evoking a stark urban environment, they remain charming and approachable. Drawing on his background in graffiti, he uses his artistic skills to explore the inner workings of the city and makes us look at our surroundings in a new light.