Guilherme Dable was born in1976 in Brazil and he currently lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Dable completed his MFA from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Art Institute in 2012 and he was a founding member of Atelier Subterrânea, artist’s space based in Porto Alegre from 2006 until 2015.

Dable’s practice focuses on drawing and painting, where he deals with the tradition of landscape painting, as well as of abstract mark-making. In the ambiguity of carefully constructed areas with airy washes of paint, Dable’s work challenge our orientation when trying to wander into his paintings – our gaze might find some kind of tunnel to travel into, but can also be blocked by a solid colour block on the next moment. Sometimes working site-specifically, he challenges himself with works that deal directly with a given space, that can be either a gallery space or a piece of land, always pointing to some aspect of the viewer’s perception of space. Dable has worked with sound, using his experience as a musician on the Tacet series, where drawing, improvised music and performance came together, a work that was shown throughout Brazil on the Rumos Itaú Cultural travelling exhibition, the country’s largest and most important mapping of the emerging artistic production. Another sound work, a video named The radio was always on in the kitchen [or] the hammer of the gods, exhibited on a solo show in London in 2016, is part of Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art collection, along with another video work and two large-scale paintings on two of the museum’s collections. His works are also in museums and institutions in Porto Alegre and São Paulo, Brazil.

Selected exhibitions: 


Selected Collections :

Gilberto Chateaubriand collection – Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art - Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art - Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art - Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Contemporary Art - Vera Chaves Barcellos Foundation - Porto Alegre City Chamber - Pinacoteca Aldo Locatelli – Porto Alegre City Office collection


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