Apologue, a group show with artworks by tulio pinto, guilherme dable and IO, Paris 2018



Extending its exhibition cycle within the walls of 11 rue Michel le Comte, Paris 3rd, and in its will to propose exhibitions constantly renewed with an international dimension, the gallery Un-Spaced is very pleased to announce its next exhibition: Apologue.

An apologue is a moral narrative (apology of wisdom or ethics) in which animals and objects behave like humans and which reflects real life. This new exhibition will feature a selection of works by Brazilian artists Guilherme Dable, Tulio Pinto and Ío (Laura Cattani and Munir Klamt). The pieces presented for the first time in France on this occasion are made of atypical materials, create games of balance and insinuate a tension in the space. Apologue gives us the vestiges of a past story. The subject, the place as well as the protagonists have disappeared, only the traces and certain key elements of this forgotten history remain: rocky valleys, misty areas, indigenous weapons, clocks and traps.
Guilherme Dable's enigmatic and colourful paintings and drawings reveal the location of the plot. Landscapes where the materials are ordered as if in an evanescent memory where a succession of topological errors, colours, gaseous mists and impossible perspectives clump together.
Tulio Pinto's sculptures reveal the balance and forces present in the tale. In various mythologies the gods embodied invisible phenomena and forces. The works of Túlio Pinto are metaphors, based on these physical forces. In a grammar of iron sticks and cubes, of lines, of glass bubbles that seem to liquefy, of sand and rough stones, Túlio Pinto evokes with great ingenuity the precarious balance of everything, the tension between life and death, a certain floating and weightlessness, between brutality and softness. Defying gravity, his sculptures are spaces where the forces of the earth cancel each other out, erecting themselves as if by magic.
Ío's installations and sculptures bear witness to the conflict that drives the plot. His poetics are born from ancient indigenous weapons, mythological monsters or wild animal traps. The works of this duo are all ambushes where the desire to discover the monster for which they have been fashioned and the fear of facing it are intertwined. The artists of the duo Io transform materials such as rubber, rock or steel into symbols or association games straight out of mythical and logical dreams.
Guilherme Dable describes the place of the story, Pinto represents the forces at work, and the duo Ío embodies the antagonism between the characters. During his visit, the visitor will find clues scattered throughout the space and reconstitutes the story, reconstitutes the Apologue.


Installation Views