Sebastian Wickeroth is a German artist born in 1977 and currently lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. Wickeroth’s works combine elements of painting, sculpture and architecture.

Simple materials like plasterboard walls, wood, styrofoam and enamel turn into a room-filling, extensive interventions in space. In form and content, the decomposition of geometrical shapes is an important element of his work. Corrosion counters the monochrome perfection, and generates a kind of narrative element. The ruinous pictorial space surveys suggest logic and causality of incidences that never happened. The flat ground-based works with glossy foil over a frame structure open up a new view on this topic. The outer sides of these works are slightly bent downwards and distort the reflections from the surrounding room. Accordingly, the form is no longer deconstructed only in the work itself but visually affects the static architectural forms in the surroundings. The room becomes an integral component of the work ostensibly designed as an autonomous sculpture


Selected exhibitions :

triplestar Inside Out Art Museum / Beijing 2013,  perpetual dawn 3:e Våningen / Göteborg 2020,  raw feels Multimedia Art Museum / Moscow (2020)


Collections (selection) :

 Museum für Konkrete Kunst / Ingolstadt - Sammlung Kunst aus NRW / - Aachen-Kornelimünster - Sammlung der Mediantis AG / Tutzing - Inside-out Art Museum / Beijing - Centre d`art contemporaine / Venniseux - The Swatch Art Peace Hotel / Shanghai - CCA Collection / Andratx, Spain - LVMH Collection / Paris - Multimedia Art Museum / Moscow 


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