Guilherme Dable

Guilherme challenges our orientation and imagination in his landscapes.

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Guilherme Dable

Born 1976. Lives and works Porto Allegre (BRA).

Guilherme challenges our orientation and imagination in his landscapes.

Guilherme Dable creates spaces that seems to breathe. His practice focuses on drawing and painting, where he deals with the tradition of landscape painting, as well of abstract mark-making. In the ambiguity of carefully constructed areas with airy washes of paint, Dable’s work challenge our orientation when trying to wander into his paintings – our gaze might find some kind of tunnel to travel into, but can also be blocked by a solid color block on the next moment. 

Dable’s practice can find echo in the tradition of modernist architecture, as his grand-uncle worked with one of Brasilia’s architetcs, Lucio Costa.

Although they never met, he spent most of his childhood in a house projected by this relative – it became a kind of ghost that passes through a great deal of his work, notably on the use of transparencies, the using of tile patterns and the geometrical references, that come from sketches Dable collects in his notebooks. His references to tradition, though, are starting points that many times can vanish during the process of picture-making: despite his interest for the solidity of architecture and the immensity of the landscape of the Andes highlands, his compositions look carefully unstable, as if on the verge of collapsing, colors, shapes and lines about to fall apart from the support.

Sometimes working site-specific, he challenges himself with works that deals directly with a given space, that can be either a gallery space or a piece of land, always pointing to some aspect of the viewer’s perception of space. Dable has worked with sound, using his experience as a musician on the Tacet series, where drawing, improvised music and performance came together, a work that was shown throughout Brazil on the Rumos Itaú Cultural travelling exhibition, the country’s largest and most important mapping of the emerging artistic production. Another sound work, a video named The radio was always on in the kitchen [or] the hammer of the gods, exhibited on a solo show in London in 2016, is part of Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art collection, along with another video work and two large-scale paintings on two of the museum’s collections. His work is also in museums and institutions in Porto Alegre and São Paulo.

Dable lives and works in Brazil, where he got his MFA in 2012.



Bacharel em Artes Visuais – Desenho – UFRGS (2009)

Mestre em Poéticas Visuais – PPGAV/UFRGS (2012)

Solo shows

The radio was always on in the kitchen – Belmacz – Londres

Um desenho enorme – Galeria de Arte da UFCSPA – Porto Alegre

As coisas que não levam a nada são de grande importância – Galeria Gestual – Porto Alegre
Noticiário – Instituto Estadual de Artes Visuais – Porto Alegre
Deste lugar entre meio-dia e duas horas da tarde – Roberto Alban Galeria – Salvador

Latentes – Sala Recife – Recife
Álibis, desvios e atos falhos – Galeria Eduardo Fernandes – São Paulo
Que me Visitava no Tempo das Imagens – Galeria Coleção de Arte – Rio de Janeiro

Projeto Quadro Branco – StudioClio Instituto de Arte e Humanismo – Porto Alegre
Desenho em Obra – Casa Paralela – Pelotas/RS

Alguns Desenhos – Galeria Gestual – Porto Alegre

Selected group shows

Apologue – UN-SPACED – Paris

Ficções – curadoria Daniela Name – Caixa Cultural – Rio de Janeiro
Trajetórias em Processo 3 – curadoria Guilherme Bueno – Galeria Anita Schwartz – Rio de Janeiro

Repentista #1 – Gallery Nosco – Londres, Inglaterra
Secret Garden curadoria Sylvia Kim – NARS Foundation – Nova Iorque
Bar for the Future curadoria Julia Muggenburg – Belmacz Gallery – Londres
Volúpia Construtiva: Prazer e Ordenamento em Desenho sobre Papel no acervo do MACRS – curadoria Eduardo Veras – MACRS – Porto Alegre
Aquisições Prêmio Marcantonio Vilaça/FUNARTE – Museu de Arte Moderna – Rio de Janeiro

Situações Narrativas curadoria Marcus Lontra – Galeria Coleção de Arte – Rio de Janeiro
Convite à Viagem: Rumos Artes Visuais – curador-chefe Agnaldo Farias – Paço Imperial – Rio de Janeiro
Mirante – curadoria Daniela Name – MUV Galeria – Rio de Janeiro

Convite à Viagem: Rumos Artes Visuais – curador-chefe Agnaldo Farias – Itaú Cultural – São Paulo
Novas Aquisições 2010-2012 Coleção Gilberto Chateaubriand/MAM – MAM – Rio de Janeiro
Instâncias do Desenho – Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage – Rio de Janeiro e Galeria Logo – São Paulo
Alien: Manifestações do Disforme – curador José Francisco Alves – MARGS – Porto Alegre
Novas Aquisições Pinacoteca Aldo Locatelli – Paço Municipal – Porto Alegre
Poéticas em Paralelo – MACRS – Porto Alegre

Instâncias do Desenho – Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana – Porto Alegre
Objeto: Som – curadoria Leo Felipe – Fundação Ecarta – Porto Alegre
[Des]equilíbrios e [Im]perfeições – curadoria Marcus Lontra – Galeria Coleção de Arte – Rio de Janeiro
Maisimerso – Espaço Cultural ESPM – Porto Alegre

Silêncios e Sussurros – Fundação Vera Chaves Barcellos – Viamão/RS
Espaços Compartilhados – Galeria Gestual – Porto Alegre
19º Salão da Câmara Municipal de Porto Alegre – Câmara Municipal – Porto Alegre

Awards and distinctions


Artist-in-residence – Vermont Studio Center – Jonhson, VT, USA


Shortlisted at Iberê Camargo Fellowship.


Atelier Subterrânea wins the Açorianos Visual Arts Prize for their contribution to the city’s artistic scene. Award given annually by Porto Alegre’s Culture Office.


Curates the exhibition “Between line and space: four illustrators and their processes”, that wins 2009’s Açorianos Visual Arts Prize for Best Group Show.


Wins Acquisition Prize at Porto Alegre’s City Chamber 19th Art Salon.

Atelier Subterrânea wins again the Açorianos Visual Arts Prize for their contribution to the city’s artistic scene.


Selected at Rumos Visual Arts project, Brazil’s biggest effort to map the emerging art scene, funded by the Itaú Cultural Foundation.


Group show Maisimerso wins the Açorianos Visual Arts Prize at the Drawing category.

Works on public collections

Gilberto Chateaubriand collection – Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art

Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art

Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art

Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Contemporary Art

Vera Chaves Barcellos Foundation

Porto Alegre City Chamber

Pinacoteca Aldo Locatelli – Porto Alegre City Office collection


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