A Performance Affair a solo presentation of works and performances by Meta Drcar


On the occasion of “A Performance Affair” 2019, Meta Drcar will present “Frame Series, Work No. 3”, a live performance that will explore the notion of using body movement, to both activate the reading of architectural space and to challenge the viewer’s perceptive experience. The work will consist of sculptures made of aluminium, steel and paper and they will act as a counterpart to the architectural discourse of their setting. A performer will create a replica of the static sculptures through body movement and the theme of re-production therefore falls into a dialogue between the sculptures, the architectural space and the moving body itself. The action created in space will become a time-based re-production of the static sculptures as well as a spatial extension of the existing architectural space.

“Frame Series, Work No. 3” will initiate a powerful engagement of the viewer and challenge his perception of the given space. The sculptural objects will be built from a set of simple geometric shapes and lines to ultimately reveal their undefined volumes. The element of the moving body will activate the architectural space and express time through action. In this way, time and space will become artistic materials that not only connect with the body and its movement, but also with the static sculptures. Therefore, the sculpture will be given a temporality as well as an ephemeral character. This idea relates to Franz Erhard Walther’s question about what a work of art can trigger in the viewer beyond what it merely is, materially or visually. Strongly influenced by Walther’s work, Drcar will use the body movement as a tool to draw in space, to activate the space and to give sculptures a new meaning.

Meta Drcar is interested in creating art of an immaterial, performative character that places the viewer’s experience at its core. The essence of Drcar’s work lies within the act of producing a shift in viewer’s consciousness. In “Frame Series, Work No. 3” she will extend the architectural space through the void that lies within it, drawing connections between sculptural and architectural elements. Through the interactive movement of the performer, the invisible space will become visible by providing it with a new form and meaning. The act of looking will no longer be confined to the objects within the space, but instead expand onto the space itself. It is through this creation of space and time that Drcar shifts away from sculpture as a three-dimensional art form. She creates sculptural scenarios that not only exemplify the concept of the space, but also its sensation for the viewer.

Installation Views