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Rémi Groussin

Born 1987. Lives and works Toulouse (FR).

With the mask of an accident victim, make-up covers Rémi Groussin’s face as he walks through the rooms of the Düsseldorf Museum of Modern Art (Wrecked, 2012). Those fake injuries, and that artificial coagulated blood on an impassive face, names a visit through art as something tragic. What impact, what wound, is this performance the name of ?

The echo of another form of violence – that of a scare – can be heard from a pile of knife-throwers’ target boards (Dr Rossiter, 2015). We can imagine bodies – restricted and attached – their eyes weeping with terror, holding their breath and praying that the blades will not hit their heart. And yet these boards are stored away, pinned against the wall, old, unused, and thus inoffesive. Despite this, if death were to ensue, steles are there to honour the unlucky souls (R.I.P., 2013) in the decorative sobriety of their construction material, breeze-blocks.

And yet we were warned : « Whatever happens, don’t look down ; you’ll be afraid ». But also : « oh ! -oh ! » ; « Hypnotic Dance, Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers. » ; « We’re shooting in 5 minutes » ; « Paris 2055, two days after ». Sentences, interjections written on a series of glass plaques, sometimes tinted, often cracked (Vostfr, 2016). Accidents, alaways. Like in thoses deteriorated films (Exorde, 2013) : scratches, tears, grazes are drawn and projected on the screen, recording the damage to the material.
Next comes melancholy, the melancholy of empty zoos where a certain « natural state » and « animal enrichment » are left to rot with all animal and human lives. While an artificial tear-like rain covers the images, sad at such and observation (Deluge, 2016). There are no acrobatic monkeys in this zoological environment (ALZ-112, 2015) – made up of recycled things that have powerful ecological impact – which should serve as playground and eductional area for the captive creatures. Thus, walking around the intergrated instalation, « And the distance separating monkey from man was no greater the that separating man from actor ». (Walter Benjamin).

By Thimothée Chaillou


Exhibition (selection)


Crystal Palace, Bordeaux
Rémi Groussin et Laurie Charles, Glassbox, Paris


Slide Like an Egytian, Interface, Dijon
Mezzanine Sud, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse
Prestige, La Chapelle des Carmelites , Toulouse

Lost angels, IME, Castres

Ecran Total, Villa Beatrix enea, Anglet
Cuesta Verde, FIAT, Pavillon Blanc, Colomiers
Compendium, Galerie Second Jeudi, Bayonne

Ce n’est qu’un au-revoir, Düsseldorf

Group exhibitions

Les Bords Perdus, ISDAT, Toulouse
Bivouac, Pola, Bordeaux

Re-former le monde visible, 116, Montreuil
Tootem II, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil
Drawing Now Vidéo, Espace Commines, Paris
White Star Line, Abattoirs, Toulouse

Supervues, Hotel Burrhus, Vaison La Romaine
Drawing Room, salon du dessin, Montpellier
Drop Zone, La mobylette, Toulouse
Le spectaculaire aléatoire, Afiac, Fiac

24, La Vitrine, Saint-Jean-port-joli, Québec
Meeting II, Lieu commun, Toulouse
Filmabend, cinéma BlackBox, Düsseldorf
Unfair Play, La malterie, Lille
Sport Factory, La gare saint Sauveur, Lille
North by North-West, Am Eyck, Dusseldorf

Multiprise, # 18, texte C. Desbordes 


2010 : DNSEP (félicitation du jury)

2009 : DNAP

Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste, Braunschweig

2005 : Ecole supérieure des Beaux Arts de Toulouse


IME, résidence en milieu hospitalier, Castres
Höherweg 271, Düsseldorf
Nekatoenea, Hendaye

AFIAC, Le spectaculaire aléatoire, Fiac

Est Nord Est, Québec
La Malterie, Lille
Kulturamt, Culture France, Düsseldorf

Les Ateliers Asterides, Belle de Mai, Marseille
L’entreprise culturelle, La villa du Lavoir, Paris
Espace III, Croix Baragnon, Toulouse

Printemps de septembre, PDF, Toulouse

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