Valérie Collart

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Valérie Collart | Biography, Cv and selection of photographs | Un-Spaced |

Valérie Collart | Biography, Cv and selection of photographs | Un-Spaced |


Valérie Collart

Exploring the limits between photography and sculpture

Born in 1981, France
Lives and works in Copenhagen (Danemark)

A french artiste on the Danish art scene

The French naturalized Danish artist literally explodes on the North European scene. Her last shows took place at the Tranen Contemporary Art Center, Helltrup and Charlottenborg gallery in Copenhagen. She will participate in January to “Spooky Action at a Distance” (Curated by Nanna Stjernholm Jepsen) at “ Bus Projects” in Melbourne. She is also part of the JCE Biennial this year.

The work of Valérie Collart aims to fade the borders between photography and sculpture. Her practice offers the viewer a loss of barrier within image-based and object-based artworks. Valérie Collart realizes her own sculptures then works in her studio to turn them into pictures. The photographies show the cleanest, polish and contemplative side of the object as the object itself offer a counter point with its roughness weight and materials.


My artistic production has redefined itself through its own imagery. The sculptures produced by sliding towards their representation through the photographic medium are interpreted, renewed by the staging within the universe to which they participate. The look at a given moment on these objects, with what it defines, becomes their presence in the world.

The history of art, painting, sculpture, philosophy, or architecture; memory, the idea of time and its passage, are recurrent subjects that can be read in a polysemic way in Valerie Collart work and which animate her research.

My work tends to develop, with a more assertive theatricality, towards a more ambitious articulation between photography and installation, where the staging of the various elements, images and objects, will contribute to raising questions in an experiment on the idea of representation.


Solo Exhibitions

3D Female, group exhibition at Viborg Kunsthal, invited and Curated by Louise Sparre, Viborg, (Dk)

JCE Biennale (EU), Representing Denmark with seven other artists.
Italy, Como / Spain, Figures / Portugal, Amarante
‘The Beauty & The Uncanny, Traneudstillingen, Gentofte, DK
‘Parts & Wholeness’, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, DK.

Group Exhibitions


‘Without advisory’, curateurs Christian Korda et Yotaro Niwa, Supramental artspace, Berlin.
“Forårsudstilling 2014”, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
“Monument”, Musée des beaux arts de Calais.
“Out of order, on the nature of materials”, curateur Nina Wöhlk, galerie “Leth and Gori”, Copenhagen.

‘Jeune création 2013’, Le Centquatre, Paris
‘Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling 2013’, Den Frie, Copenhagen

‘Falsities’, WerkStadt, Berlin, (solo show)
‘Partouse’, group show, Berlin

‘IBG2011’ (‘Ins Blickfeld gerückt’), Galerie de multiples, Paris
‘Simulacrum’ (curated by Richard Billingham and Joni Karanka) , Elysium gallery, Wales.
‘Falsities’, NBeX project-NB Galeri, Viborg, (solo show).
‘Four Floors’, Madart Gallery, Dublin.
‘Black’, MDAC, Cagnes sur mer.

‘Kunstnernes Efteraarsudstilling 2010’, Ny Tap, Det gamle Carlsberg, Copenhagen.
‘From cardboard to concrete’, Galerie Olsen, (Solo show), Copenhagen.
‘Ins Blickfeld geruckt’, Institut Francais, Berlin.

‘Atelierhaus Mengerzeille’, Berlin.

‘Dragon Paper Club’, gallery Le Carré, Lille. ‘Génération 2006’ gallery La Marine, Nice.
‘Liste 09’, Centre d’art de la Villa Arson, Nice.
‘Parcours art contemporain HDC’, Cagnes sur mer.

‘On the Beaches’, Rio De Janeiro, Brésil.


‘Le désapartement’, Nice.

‘Lee 3 Tau Ceti Central Armory Show’, Centre d’art de la Villa Arson, Nice.
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